Supreme Smoked Shellfish

Smoked Prawns

Award Winning Smoked Prawns in the peak of condition.

Using our own unique brine then delicately smoked our shelled warm water prawns are plump succulent and sweet in taste. Gently coated in a light rapeseed oil to preserve their smoky flavour. Simply drain and serve.

Ideal in canapes and seafood cocktails and platters.



Smoked Mussels

Wonderfully rich and juicy and smoked to perfection. Our smoked mussels have their own unique flavour and texture.

Shelled mussel meats brined and gently smoked over reclaimed whisky barrel shavings. Then when cooled, gently coated in a delicate rapeseed oil to preserve and seal in all the smoky treats.

Indulge and enjoy straight out of the pot! or add to your favorite recipes. Smoked mussels are delicious added to fish soups, quiches and pasta.


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